Hi everyone You can control your computer or your mobile phone. Just like this, having remote access. Like this really be helpful if you’re away from your computer, and you still need to access it. So, you can easily control your computer right from your mobile phone, anywhere in the world. And at any time you want, this means you can do all things that you want to do on. A computer by just using a mobile phone and an internet connection. And we will also see, how are you going to transfer files between your mobile and your computer? How to do these things? We’re going to use a software called get screen using a screen.

You can also control multiple devices, can be Windows Mac Linux or even Android devices.

All you need to do is just install get screen on your computer and mobile phone, then guide your mobile to PC and then stand, you can start controlling computer. from your mobile phone. It’s that simple, and the process.

We will work on both IOS and Android phones.

I am grand Proof Set Learners and let’s start contouring a computer, right? From a mobile phone, try to control your PC. Start to do three steps The first step is to build an account on the get scream software. This is the software, which will help you control your computer from your mobile phone. So,

Create your account,

just click the link Sign up

And it’ll take you to this page. So click sign up. 

And you can enter your email address to sign up, or you can also use these options. I’m going to sign up with Google. Therefore, let’s click here, select your Google account, and it will take you to the get screen dashboard. Okay, so now we have successfully created an account on the gate screen software. Once you have created your account, we can now go to step 2 which is to download the get screen software.

Therefore, to download it, just click add a device. And you will get this pop-up page. Now here you can download the screen software. I’m going to download for Windows. So let’s click here. 

And you can see that the get screen software has been downloaded or not computer, just click on the downloaded file.┬áThen you will give this window. As you can see, it is requesting to access your desktop, so let’s click agree.┬áThen click install.

And the get screen software will be installed on your computer. Now, if you click permanent access, you will get the access details to control your computer. Once you give these access details, do I need to sign in to get the get screen software using the same email ID only, then you will be able to control a computer from your mobile phone? So let’s go to the final step, which is to silent get screen on your mobile phone. So, to sign in, Just take your phone then. Go to chrome. And search.

Then click on this link. 

And it will take you to this page. Go to sign in to get screen. Click here. And then click sign in.

The you need to  get screened account using the same email ID. I am going to use my Google login. So let’s click here. And select your Google account.

Then you’ll be silent, you get square account and your PC will be displayed like this. Do to start controlling your computer. Make sure your computer is turned on and is connected to the internet, then you will get this online status for your computer. So now, if you click correct here, You will be able to see your computer screen or your mobile phone. now you can start controlling your PC from your mobile phone. And also you can easily control EPC from any other phone. Just by signing in to get the screen on your browser. If you want to see in full screen, just swipe it on the mobile screen and then here turn on auto-rotate. And your screen will be changed to landscape. Here you can find the different tools to control your PC. You can use these tools to access the mouse cursor keyboard and more Now, to use the cursor, click on this arrow. So now, if we swipe on a mobile screen, you can see that the mouse is moving on a computer screen. So, this way you can browse on a computer. Next, you can click on this keyboard option to access the keyboard. And if you want to browse the internet on your computer, just click Browser. 

And the browser will be open, so you can click here.

Then you will get the keyboard, you can type and search for anything you want. I am going to type www.youtube.com. Then, if you press enter, you can see that it takes us to the YouTube page. 

Okay, so in the same way, you can use these tools to control your computer. Next, let’s say you want to go to the file manager and access your files. All you have to do is just click on file manager. 

To here. You can choose the folder and access your file. In the same way, you can access anything you want on the computer. So now, you know, how you can control it PC for a mobile phone. Next, let’s see. You want to transfer some files from your computer to your mobile phone? How will you do that? So next, let’s see how you can transfer files from your computer to your mobile phone. So transfer the files. Click on this folder icon. And click download file from remote desktop, then you will get this page here. You can select the folder you want. I am going to select downloads. Then select the file, you want to download? Now, if you click download, 

Your file will be successfully downloaded to your mobile. So now if we open the file, You can see the image which be downloaded from our PC. Okay. Now, you know how to transfer the file from your computer to the mobile Next. What if you want to upload some files from your mobile to the computer? It’s very easy to do that to like we did before, click here. And then click upload files to remote desktop and choose files and then select the folder you want. I am going to choose pictures. The select the file you want to upload, And here you need to choose a folder to upload your file to your computer. I am going to choose downloads. Now, if we click upload, 

You can see that the file is uploading to our computer. 

Now, if we go to file explorer, 

And click downloads. 

And the file has been successfully uploaded. So this is how you can transfer files from your mobile to your computer. Okay, so that’s it guys, this is how you can control your computer from your mobile phone.

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