Samsung S23 Ultra BIG surprise

Samsung just keeps on. Surprising, the s23 unpacked. We’ll be back with more products than you can. Imagine, the iPhone 14 series is not the only product that Samsung is about to challenge. Oh yes, a big surprise but no one expected is happening. Behold, the birth of a new older device is happening after the Galaxy S Ultra and the tab Ultra is about to well The galaxy book, 3 Ultra Samsung, first ever Ultra laptop. A very lead this movie. .It’s going to rival Apple’s m-series laptops. This brand-new Qualcomm Chip was built with a company called. New via that also built a lot of apples. A series chip until M1, which means a lot of X. Apple Engineers have worked together with. Welcome to design, what could possibly be the first ever proper challenge to Apples? M-series chips. And well, is very likely going to pour over the galaxy book, 3, Ultra Samsung’s collaboration with Qualcomm is looking insane for 2023 apart from this incredibly powerful and Battery efficient are a chip Samsung will, of course, bring class-leading bright display and incredible design to its very first Ultra laptop. We’re going to see do more laptops, the galaxy books 3 360 and the standard model. So, it’s definitely going to be a trio of Samsung Calliope laptops. I got a say, apple is being really tested in 2033. Also, in the news, the entire aspirated, Series will get a brand-new front camera sensor coming at 12 megapixel resolution with the dual-pixel technology. This new sensor combined with a powerful processing algorithm is going to improve photos with more clarity and better low-light performance. This new processing also applies to the ultra-wide as well as the zoom lenses, which means despite having the same Hardware, we’re going to see better results compared to the previous generation. Now, the surprises don’t end yet, Perhaps this might be the biggest surprise. Rise at the mall yesterday, three unpack could bring the comeback of the fan addition. Galaxy S Flagship. Yes, Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S4 into Fe with some really nice key upgrades like a new one hundred and eight megapixel camera. Exodus twenty-two hundreds is a six point four-inch screen. All for an affordable price, basically, replacing the Galaxy a 74. We’re now going to get a proper respectable Flagship in 2023, possibly around the five hundred dollar range in the form of Galaxy S4 into fan addition, guys, I’ve never been this optimistic about a Samsung unpacked event, but kindly let me know what you think about Samsung finally coming. After everything that Apple has done, the 12-core Qualcomm chip in the galaxy book. 3 Ult ram is super excited to see what it can bring to the table. Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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